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90 Percent Attitude... A Revolutionary Solution To A Monumental Void!


Pre-Launch Begins:
Launch Date:

  April 1st - Viral "No-Brainer" Report
  April 8th - Noon Eastern/9am Pacific



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Dear Valued JV Partner,

Stephanie Mulac here, and I would like to thank you for taking the time to check out the most unique launch in Internet Marketing history! A bold statement for sure - but join us and you have my word that you'll soon discover why...

Until now, no one has ever dared tackle the lack of motivation & support that Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs face in their daily struggle to the top...

90 Percent Attitude has been 2 years in the making and after extensive testing we've "cracked the code" and YOU will earn huge commissions while offering your subscribers the one thing that's been missing in their lives!


Pre-launch will begin April 1st (April Fool's Day) - you'll promote an insanely viral $7 Report with a highly provocative name - timed specifically to play on the April Fool's Day theme - this report is aimed to strike at the heart of all those who have ever heard the words - "Why don't you just go out and get a REAL J.O.B.!"

Wed., April 8th, at 12 NOON Eastern/9AM Pacific - Sales Page Goes LIVE!


The pre-launch report will not only create buzz, but it will target (and cookie) online entrepreneurs in search of a mental motivational and support system the likes of which ONLY 90 Percent Attitude will offer!

The 90 Percent Attitude Membership site will provide 4 custom monthly Creative Visualization & Relaxation (CVR) Sessions designed exclusively for 90PA Members by Dr. Patrick K. Porter - the renowned leader in mind technology. Membership retention programs such as masterminds, member only teleseminars, social networking, and (cookied) product discounts will be vigorously promoted on your behalf for the lifetime of the membership.

In addition, members will also optionally purchase a physical product - the ZenFrames Portable Achievement Device to use in conjunction with their monthly CVR downloads - also creating high member retention!

The ZenFrames system utilizes brain wave entrainment and binaural beats to effect rapid and accelerated change and has never before been made available to the Internet Marketing community. (And the good news is - we will do all the explaining and training for you - even if you don't exactly know what this PROVEN technology is all about.)


We are using the Rapid Action Profits (RAP) Script with the MemberPlus Add-On - and that means COMMISSIONS DIRECT TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT - No waiting! Even the monthly residual payments arrive direct to your Paypal like clockwork!

1. Viral Report = $7 - every other sale paid directly to your Paypal account - no waiting for commissions!

2. Monthly 90PA Membership = $47 (every other MONTHLY payment also direct to your Paypal account!)

3. ZenFrames Physical Product = $50 - per package shipped, paid monthly.

4. 2ND Tier Affiliate Commissions = 5% per each $7 Reports and 90PA Membership sale by affiliates YOU refer

5. Backend Commissions = Lifetime cookies on all backend products sold on the site (30%-50% avg.)


Just enter your name, PayPal email address, and the Affiliate ID (nickname) you'd like to use in the form below.

We'll immediately generate the affiliate link link you can use to promote BOTH the $7 Viral Report as well as 90 Percent Attitude Membership and you'll earn commissions on each - paid immediately to your Paypal account.

Because of the RAP technology - you don't even need to brand the report. When a buyer purchases the easy sell/no-brainer $7 report, it will automatically prepare, excite and pre-qualify them for the 90 Percent Attitude membership.

And on Launch Day - you will already be cookied for the 90 Percent Attitude membership site sale - whether they return to the site from your launch day efforts or our professional promotion efforts on your behalf. THIS IS HUGE!

Mail it to your readers, put it on your website, use PPC or other advertising to promote 90 Percent Attitude Membership...

If they click and buy, $47.00 will be paid directly to you for 50% of your sales each and every month of their membership!

1. $7 Viral Report pays 50% Commissions on the $7 front end
2. 90 Percent Attitude Membership pays 50% Commissions on the $47.00 front end
3. 90PA ZenFrames Deluxe pays $50 Commission on the $247.00 back end (paid manually)

Commissions work a little differently than you may be used to. Instead of receiving x% of each sale, you will receive 100% commissions on 50% of your sales.

This works out to the same amount, but allows you to be paid for your sales immediately into your Paypal account.

Here's how it works:

Examples of $7 Pre-Launch Report and
$47 Main Product Commission Payouts:

1st Sale


$7/Report and $47 Monthly

2nd Sale


$7/Report and $47 Monthly

3rd Sale


$7/Report and $47 Monthly

4th Sale


$7/Report and $47 Monthly

... Sales continue to rotate as above


Commissions are delivered straight to your PayPal account. (You must have a verified Premier or Business account in order to receive affiliate payments.  (Personal Paypal accounts are limited in the amount of funds and types of payments they can receive.)

90 Percent Attitude Membership's affiliate system has been specifically designed to do this. Your affiliate ID is your Paypal email address or the "Nickname" that you choose below. NO Waiting for monthly or bi-monthly payments.


After you enter the information below, you will join me as one of my exclusive VIP JV partners and get an inside look at the product, sales letter, contest details, pre-launch & launch updates on the JV blog, and the professional promo materials inside the reseller area.

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Thank you for your support and I'll see you on the inside!

Have Fun & Fortune!



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