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If you're too busy running your business to even think about Self Improvement...

"Give Me 5 Minutes And I Guarantee You Will Eliminate Your Fears, Vanquish Overload And Delete Self Sabotage Instantly..."

By Doing Nothing More Than Sitting Back, Closing Your Eyes And Experiencing This Astonishing Autopilot System...  Your Internal Demons Will Disappear With Absolutely No Extra Effort On Your Part!




From: Stephanie Mulac

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you've been unfocused... confused.... overwhelmed... or otherwise "stuck" with your online endeavors, then this will be the most important letter you've ever read about wealth attraction and how to create gigantic financial breakthroughs nearly overnight!

"I know how you are feeling, and it's NOT your fault,
because until now you've never had an Autopilot Mental Coaching System available to you
- but that's all changed!"

For years I have watched some of the best and brightest marketers fail - not because they lacked a great product, not because they couldn't create killer sites and NOT because they failed to drive traffic to those sites and make sales...

The #1 Reason These Talented People
Went Bust Is Because They:

  • Lacked focus
  • Allowed self doubt to creep in
  • Had no one to offer them encouragement
  • Spent money on all the wrong things
  • Failed to take the "right" action
  • Got bogged down in negativity
  • Failed to sustain momentum
  • Became paralyzed by fear of failure...

For the past several years my husband Greg and I have produced over 26 products and online events, traveled the country speaking at seminars, held workshops and mentored hundreds of private clients to do the same...

And for most of the past year alone, we have been on the road and traveling in our motorhome, having traversed over 27 states across the U.S.

We set our own hours, take vacations (at will) to some of the most desirable places on earth, and as we homeschool our two daughters, they proudly claim the world as their classroom!

In fact, a lack of a support system is one thing we have insured our daughters will NEVER face - we teach them that no dream is too big and in their world they can achieve anything - simply because there is no one telling them they can't!

And they've already taken us up on it!

Embracing the opportunity that the Internet affords, even at the tender ages of 4 and 6 - Marina and Morgan became the youngest "mini marketers" in history to ever grace the World Internet Main Event stage in 2007 at San Francisco, CA!

They reported their own "firesale" results to the tune of a whopping $8200!

But I am not telling you all of this to brag... instead I want to let you in on a little secret:

Our Family Still  Thinks We're "Unemployed"...

That's right! You might think that in our family's eyes we'd be upheld as being pretty successful - especially given the fact that both Greg and I come from a small mining and farming town in Pennsylvania where barely anyone ever ventures more than 60 miles from where they were born!

But nevertheless, our own family frequently asks, "When are you going to start sending out resumes and get a real J.O.B?!"

To make matters worse, in 2006, when Greg quit his J.O.B.,  his final day of work was on his mom's birthday - I still don't think she's forgiven him for THAT one!

And as you sit here reading this right now, I would bet the good ol' Pennsylvania farm on the fact that there's someone in your life who has no good clue as to what you do online for a living.

Am I right? Yep - I thought so!

Worse yet, you may even be like so many others out there who have to battle constant and daily scrutiny over the time you spend trying to carve out a future for your family online.

You are NOT ALONE!

And yet, despite the fact that there are people online failing right and left everyday because those around them are having a negative influence on their aspirations - before now, there was little that could be done about it!

Sure, there are plenty of people you can turn to who will help you learn the nuts & bolts of running a business online - html, autoresponders, affiliate marketing, listbuiling, PPC - and all the other elements of producing quality products & services; but in the final analysis, those things are only a fraction of the bigger picture...

After helping thousands of people throughout our respective careers, Greg and I are all too aware that tapping into your full potential is about far more than just the "mechanics."

As the great Zig Ziglar was known to say:

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude"

Yes, Your Success is truly... 90 Percent Attitude!

But Who Do You Turn To?

Let's face it - you can hire someone on elance to ghostwrite your next product, design your website and even drive traffic to your offers, but the one thing you can't outsource is your own inner strength, focus and  conviction...

For many years, Greg and I have made it our personal mission to help others stay motivated, maintain their focus, create solid actions plans they can stick to - and of course, how to eliminate negative self talk from their lives.

It doesn't take being around me and Greg for very long before you realize that we are both extremely passionate about helping others succeed online and we've operated under the radar as the guiding light behind a lot of online success stories.

One of our greatest joys in life is getting a Skype like this:


But as the years have gone by, our role in the lives of our friends, clients and customers has turned to a source of frustration.

One of our deepest sorrows was the reality that there are legions of others out there who would benefit from what we had to offer, but there was no effective way to reach them all and receive praise like this:


  Hey Stephanie,

Thank you once again for your timely pointed advice and direction!

Your mentoring is a must-have for everyone working online or trying to get started online.

Given the current job and economic situation, this is the information and inspiration that we all need to keep focused on as we work to succeed.

You, Greg, and the girls have been extremely helpful in helping us focus and move forward, and the support you provide is invaluable!

Our best to you and YOUR family!

Paul Klein 



We began to quickly realize that for every 1 person we reached out to - like the Klein Family above - there were 100 more behind them that we couldn't possibly have enough hours in the day to assist.

And for people like us who solve problems for a living, this quickly threw us into action mode in search of a solution...

 And that's how "90 Percent Attitude" was born!


It Wasn't Without Failed Attempts Though...

Ironically, even this very site that you are at right now has had it's set of challenges - BUT WE NEVER GAVE IN OR GAVE UP!

It's been on the "drawing board" for close to two years, undergone 5 format revisions, 7 software and script changes, and 3 programmers who went A.W.O.L. (disappearing with over $6750 of our hard earned money leaving us with nothing to show!)

You see, among the challenges we have always faced was how to duplicate the support we've always instinctively given others.

How could we provide entrepreneurs with a system that would be there for them 24/7 and act like a guardian angel sitting on their shoulder - whispering all the right things they needed to hear at exactly the times they needed to hear it?

Through it all, we maintained the steadfast belief that one day it would all fall into place - like a fine wine, it just wasn't going to emerge before it's time!

We never lost the faith though that the right set of circumstances would emerge and make our own dreams for 90 Percent Attitude a reality!

Then We Met The World Leader
In 'Mind Technology!'

"It all started on a cold, rainy night in a smoky pool hall..."

Err, ok, actually it was a scorching hot summer day and we were hanging out poolside at Harris Fellman's house in Scotsdale, AZ (but that first line does sound far more dramatic, doesn't it?)

Anyway, one of the other speakers at this event was Tracy Monteforte, and in hearing about what we envisioned for 90 Percent Attitude, she told us there was someone we just had to meet...

Fast Forward
  To The Present:

The genius behind what you are about to experience, is Dr. Patrick K. Porter, and for the past year I have watched in awe as he has helped thousands of people transform their lives - whether they wanted to lose weight, relieve pain, get motivated to exercise, improve their memory, or simply feel healthier and more vibrant - Dr. Porter's new technology has allowed them to do it quickly, easily, and affordably!

Meet Dr. Porter...
Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D, is the "undisputed leader in mind technology."

has devoted his professional career to developing successful motivational and coaching methods to empower people and create lasting positive change in their lives.

He is the author of the award-winning book, Awaken the Genius: Mind Technology for the 21st Century and his work has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and The Discovery Channel as well as in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, People,
Entrepreneur, and INC. Magazines!

His electrifying keynote speeches and seminars deliver the real life, nuts 'n bolts concepts he used to take his own business ventures to astounding heights and he has personally instructed more than 35,000 people in self-help, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Psycho-Linguistics.

Dr. Porter Has Been Featured On:


From the moment we first met - I knew that Dr. Porter and I were destined to combine our respective talents and bring this technology to entrepreneurs around the world in search of the "missing link" that would allow them to soar to untold heights!

The solution to our
90 Percent Attitude quest was at hand and all I had to do is Ask, Believe & Receive...

After spending 10 delightful days in California with Dr. Porter and his talented wife Cynthia, we mapped out a plan so that you too can experience the power of this amazing technology first-hand!


What we are about to give you will truly change your life for the better - forever!


  Dear Dr. Porter,

As an entrepreneur all my life, I had many brick and mortar businesses, but when it came to making the transition to the Internet, it was a disaster. I wasted thousands of dollars on empty promises and went into massive overload.

I believed everyone who told me their product was the magic elixir that would make me wealthy on the Internet, but just ended up more confused and paralyzed than ever. I couldn’t get focused and started to question my own abilities.

I had so many ideas, but didn't know how to make any of them work. Worst of all, I started blaming myself.

Then I found Dr. Patrick Porter’s mental coaching system and everything changed.

I was able to get focused for the first time in months. All that mental fog of confusion and negativity went away.

I was able to sort through the mess and hone in on what would really start dropping dollars to my bottom line. I quickly shut the door on the dream stealers in my life and within days my confidence was soaring and my motivation and drive were back on full throttle.

And the best part is, Dr. Porter’s program only takes minutes a day, and they are the most relaxing and valuable minutes you’ll ever experience. I recommend Dr. Porter’s program to everyone.

Cynthia Fertal
Bethlehem, PA

The Power Is In The "Processes..."

The foundation of Dr. Porter's methods include creative visualizations and guided imagery MP3 Audio "Processes," based upon scientifically proven modalities for behavior modification, self-improvement, and personal growth. And now - you can apply these very same techniques to SUPERCHARGE your online endeavors!

There was something profoundly moving about what I heard the first time I experienced one of Dr. Porter's Processes. His voice, his message... all were unmatched compared to ANYTHING that I'd ever heard before!

It's understandable though, because the recordings he creates are based upon 20+ years of real-world experience and successful results with actual clients (not just well crafted rhetoric that a self-styled expert "thinks" might work) and THAT is what has made Dr. Porter the undisputed leader in Mind Technology!


For 90 Percent Attitude we KNEW we just had to raise the bar yet another notch...

... After all, we are providing a revolutionary solution to a monumental void in the lives of entrepreneurs worldwide and Dr. Porter and I both agreed that we would need to customize YOUR experience and provide a Special Series of Audios Exclusively for 90 Percent Attitude - designed specifically with Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers in mind!


As A 90 Percent Attitude Member, You Will Immediately Receive:



"Stay Focused And Plan Daily Success"
Exclusive MP3 Audio by Dr. Patrick Porter

Proven professional fast-track audio #1:

Are online distractions sucking the time right out of your day?

Now you can gain focus and make a giant leap toward your own success. With this process, Dr. Porter will train you to plan your day.

Once you start this habit, you will quickly realize that a few minutes of planning earns you at least double that time in productivity.

Time wasters are eliminated since you’ve set an itinerary for the day. You will start by focusing on your goal of making money while you sleep.

Since the overall “essence” of the day is in place, every unexpected surprise can be dealt with efficiently. Give yourself this wonderful gift of planning your day in advance so you build a conduit for sharing your knowledge and gifts.

You are now building the mindset that allows money to flow to your doorstep.





"Deleting Self-Sabotage"
Exclusive MP3 Audio
by Dr. Patrick Porter

Proven professional fast-track audio #2:

Do you sometimes feel as if you rain on your own parade?

Have you been nearly “there,” and then “screwed up” at the last moment?

While you are busy trying to build your online empire, you often don't see the energy drains that cause you to waste time and money.

Dr. Porter will help you do mental housekeeping to clear away these sabotaging demons. At the same time, you will build inner resources so the sun never sets on your ideas.

You will rehearse ways to break through limited patterns, grab problems with both hands, and forge habits that will build the type of passive income you dream of. With this session the “would haves” and “could haves” will be eliminated along with any wasteful subconscious self-destructiveness.

Today’s the day you start your financial freedom by building flexibility into your online life so you never have to answer to a boss again.






"Overcoming Isolation"
Exclusive MP3 Audio
by Dr. Patrick Porter

Proven professional fast-track audio #3:

Do you feel as if you are all alone in building your online presence?

Sure you do, because working online is a solitary endeavorbut that doesn’t mean it has to be a lonely one.

Isolation can hinder your online success!

Stop hiding on that deserted cyber island and start living your dreams. With this session you will learn mental techniques for building your online community.

You will connect with your audience in a new way, and will look forward to your daily tasks. As you learn to build a network of ethical online comrades, you will come to feel a thrill just in getting up in the morning.

With the confidence that comes from promoting good products and serving people, you will find that your promotions now have a fresh new personal touch.

With the mindset of building income while you sleep, you will find it easy to follow through with your launches and offers.





"Harnessing Energy"
Exclusive MP3 Audio
by Dr. Patrick Porter

Proven professional fast-track audio #3:

Imagine waking up each morning with the boundless energy of a child at Christmas!

This program engages the power of NLP so that you learn to tap the energy of your dreams.

Staying focused on numbers and building responsive groups of people will allow you to keep the positive energy flowing.

This process will have you take action and see a return on your investment of time and money in no time.

You will feel surges of healthy energy as you build your click through and list building programs. Your energy will build throughout the day as you see sales come through, track results and make adjustments. You will be amazed at your energy level as you read constructive feedback from visitors.

Best of all, you will find newfound joy in sharing your knowledge with the world.






Studies show that insomnia is the most common sleep disorder in the United States.

"Sleep Deep and Awaken Recharged"
Exclusive MP3 Audio
by Dr. Patrick Porter

Proven professional fast-track audio:

About one-third of the adult population has experienced insomnia at some time and approximately ten percent experience debilitating side effects such as daytime drowsiness, irritability, lack of concentration, and poor memory.

When the body doesn’t get the deep sleep it needs to recharge and rebuild, the immune system can suffer as well. As frustrating as insomnia may be, there is a solution.

In this series, Dr. Patrick Porter (PhD) will help you discover how, by using creative visualization and relaxation (CVR), you can quickly and easily return to a natural sleep cycle and regain your health and vitality.

When people consider treatment for insomnia, they tend to think first of sleeping pills. But in reality you already possess the most powerful pharmacy on earth—the human mind.

Through the power of thought, your brain can release into the bloodstream any number of 30,000 different neuro-chemicals. Today Dr. Porter is going to show you how, by using creative visualization and relaxation (CVR), you can dispel the pressure and frustration associated with insomnia and attain restful sleep.

You will discover new ways to focus on your innate ability to fall asleep and allow deep delta sleep—the most restful form of sleep—to come naturally.




  I love these audios!

They combine top-notch guided visualization with brainwave entrainment and soothing music for a result that's among the best of all audio meditations I've ever heard -- and I've heard and used a lot!

Very nice work!

Heather Vale Goss

This is just a sampling of the topics surrounding the brand new, professionally created 90 Percent Attitude Processes that Dr. Porter has custom tailored just for the challenges you face the most:

  • Focus/Planning
  • Brainstorming New Ideas
  • Self Confidence & Faith
  • Sustaining Momentum
  • Harnessing Energy
  • Achieving Daily Balance
  • Removing Self-Sabotage
  • Overcoming Overload
  • The Perfectionism Crutch
  • Fear of Failure
  • Financial Balance
  • Negative Self Talk
  • Self Limiting Beliefs
  • Goal Setting & Action Plans
  • Remaining Open To Change
  • Knowledge & Education
  • Courage and Determination
  • And so much more!

Just Imagine...


The next time you come home from a long days work and feel like you can barely get through dinner (let alone spend the next few hours working on the computer into the wee hours of the morning...) think about what it would be like to put on the glasses and take a short "mental vacation" that will rejuvenate you, reign in your focus and awaken your senses as you set about the rest of your evening activities...


Or perhaps, as you work at home all day, the fear factor sets in and you begin to doubt if this "Internet Thing" will ever work? (Especially when your significant other walks by and reminds you that it won't!) But then you hear just enough from Dr. Porter to make you realize that this is NOT all in vain and you know that the choices you have made will manifest the lifestyle you desire!


Still another day, you are facing a mountain of emails, Skype alerts going off non-stop, forum replies beckoning and marketers insisting that you'll never succeed without buying their latest offer... and all this BEFORE your first cup of coffee! If you've ever caught yourself wondering if there will ever be enough hours in the day and money in the bank, you will now have your own personal "Easy Button," when you have Dr. Porter's  Processes to clear the mental clutter and help you reign in the focus you are seeking...


With 90 Percent Attitude's Mental Coaching
You Will:


Earn More Money by taking your projects to completion without fear or self doubt


Discover More Time when you reign in your focus and planning with ease


Increase Your Efficiency as you set aside self limiting beliefs



Attract More contacts, subscribers and JV Partners as you exude new found confidence


Gain Clarity as you eliminate the noise and clutter that's holding you back


Soar To Untold Heights when you discover your TRUE INNER POTENTIAL!



So How Much Is A Lifetime  of the Inner Resolve
You've Been Searching For Worth To You?

How much would you expect to pay to have motivational experts on demand - coaching you, at your disposal 24 hours a day?

Top motivational coaches like Dr. Porter charge $15,000 or more for just a single day... let alone the unlikely occurrence of being available to their clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

But no worries, you won't have to pay anywhere near that amount as an exclusive 90 Percent Attitude Member -- which entitles you to the 4 Customized 90 Percent Attitude Processes detailed above (that you will get immediately) and then the new session you'll receive every month...  

If you act right now during our Special Introductory Promotion, you will be one of 200 lucky Entrepreneurs who can join 90 Percent Attitude for $197, $97, $67 as your one-time Introductory Membership Fee, and then $14.97 per month for as long as you choose remain a part of the exclusive 90 Percent Attitude Community...

You Have Literally Nothing To Lose And A Lifetime Wealth And Abundance To Gain...


Our Unconditional Guarantee:

"We are so confident that not only will you experience all the results YOU are looking for, but also that you will see additional improvements in other areas of your life as well, this is our guarantee to you:

"If at anytime you are not 100% Satisfied with your membership, you may keep the 90 Percent Attitude Audios, and all of the Bonuses and Cancel your Membership - No Questions Asked!

The only thing left for you to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the mental coaching that's been
missing in your own personal "success equation."


Experience The Power Of 90 Percent Attitude
And Effortlessly Tap Into Your Unlimited Potential Starting Today!



"Monthly Mentoring & Coaching Call"

As a member of 90 Percent Attitude, we will be bringing you monthly interviews with some of the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs online today...

Each month, one of these experts will be sharing their own personal stories of how they overcame real and specific challenges in their lives and specific techniques you can immediately implement to continually reinforce the commitment you've made to your own wealth and abundance!

We've already lineup the following 90 Percent Attitude All-Star cast:

Dave Lakhani
Alan Bechtold
Ross Goldberg Soren Jordansen

And many more coming your way each month as one of the exclusive perks of being a 90 Percent Attitude Member!


$2497 VALUE


"Mastermind With Dr. Patrick K. Porter"

As a Charter Member, you will be part of an exclusive 90 Percent Attitude "Inner Circle."

That will allow you to join us for a private - members only - Mastermind Call with Dr. Porter himself, where you will hear firsthand how you can apply the technology of creative visualization, guided imagery, and brainwave entrainment to accelerate rapid changes in your life, get the most out of your membership, and thrive in your ongoing endeavors!

$1297 VALUE



"Action Plan Review"

Tired of committing to action, outlining a plan and then wondering if your overall approach is viable?

Wouldn't it be comforting to begin your efforts with the knowledge that your outline is solid and worth pursuing? 

As a 90 Percent Attitude member, we give you the opportunity to have the experts review your Action Plan, and insure that your on the right track!

We will randomly select submissions periodically submitted by our own 90 Percent Attitude community and not only will we do a free evaluation for the winner - we will also present it as a case study to the entire community so that you can learn from others as well! Just think, after reviewing a multitude of case studies - you will learn from the pros and avoid mistakes and pitfalls saving you potential thousands of dollars as well as untold hours of precious time!

$1597 VALUE


Don't Let One More Day Go By
Swimming Against The Emotional Tide!

Let's face it, the Internet affords us all an unlimited opportunity to carve out the lifestyle of our dreams, but on the way to the top it's not unusual to feel isolated and disconnected.

Embrace The Technology That Will Provide The Support You Have Always Yearned For...


  I am a martial arts instructor, lecturer and life coach. I first discovered Dr. Patrick Porter’s amazing mental coaching system nearly ten years ago when he was building the world’s first international self-improvement chain.

One go on his light and sound relaxation system, and chills ran down my spine; I knew Dr. Porter was on to something big—something that would transform thousands, if not millions, of lives. Not only did I want the system for myself, but I was convinced it would transform the lives of my students and clients.

I’ve been using the system ever since and have achieved astounding results with my clients. In fact, I have my own arsenal of testimonials to prove it!

Would I recommend Dr. Porter’s CVR and light and sound system to Internet marketers? Absolutely! I can’t think of a better way for any entrepreneur to gain the right mindset and motivation to make serious bank online, and I can’t imaginage a more powerful entrepreneurial team than Dr. Porter and the Mulacs.

My advice to anyone reading this? Go for it!

Terry Hodgkinson
Toronto, Canada


Look At The Astonishing Value
You Will Receive:


90 Percent Attitude Membership Rewards: 


"Stay Focused And Plan Daily Success" $97.00
"Deleting Self-Sabotage" $97.00
"Overcoming Isolation" $97.00
"Harnessing Energy" $97.00
Fast Action "INSOMNIA" Bonus:
"Sleep Deep and Awaken Recharged"
"Monthly Mentoring & Coaching Call" Fast Action Bonus #1 $2597.00
"Mastermind With Dr. Porter" Fast Action Bonus #2 $1297.00
"Action Plan Review" Fast Action Bonus #3 $1597.00
The Peace of Mind You've Been Seeking...


Total Value:


Isn't It Time The You
Invest In Yourself For A Change?

As a 90 Percent Attitude Member, each month we will reward you with many other surprises because we are passionate about your success - but there's a catch...

We are only looking for serious Action Takers who are committed to their own personal success and development - so we've limited this offer to the first 200 people who are seriously committed to making a difference in their lives - and then we will close the doors to the Introductory Offer forever!  

These lucky 200 people will be granted
Charter Membership status - eligible for the one-time $67 Introductory Membership Special and then only $14.97 per month thereafter to continue to take advantage of the monthly coaching calls, a new session each month, and community benefits - not available anywhere else!

You are one click away from the most technologically advanced Mental Coaching System that has ever been offered online...


Yes, Stephanie - I Want to be an Exclusive 90 Percent Attitude Charter Member!


  • I understand I will get Immediate Access to 4 Exclusive 90 Percent Attitude Processes, formatted for use with any computer or MP3 player!
  • And for as long as I remain a member, I will get a brand new Process every month thereafter to add to my Mental Motivation Library!
  •  And if I am one of the First 200 Charter Members,
    I will also get the amazing Bonuses including:

    "Sleep Deep and Awaken Recharged"
    The Mastermind Call with Dr. Porter
    The Monthly Mentoring Teleseminars, and
    - Be eligible to have my very own Action Plan selected for the live review!

I want to be one of the first 200 people to secure my Charter Membership Right NOW!

(No matter if it's 3am - You will immediately receive
your first 4 downloads and begin your
mental coaching right away!)

By clicking on the link above, I understand my one-time Membership Fee today is $67, and starting in 30 days, I will be automatically billed $14.95 monthly to remain a member & receive all the benefits of the 90 Percent Attitude Community (and I am free to cancel at any time)

I wish I could tell you that if you close this page and "hope" that tomorrow will be different, that it will be...

But you and I both know that the definition of INSANITY is repeating the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome.

TODAY is your day to break the cycle and STOP THE INSANITY!

TODAY is the day that you will experience the rapid, lasting change you've been seeking and all it's only one click away!

Have Fun & Fortune!

P.S.  Only 200 fast movers will be granted Charter Membership Status - so don't delay! In less than 2 minutes, you can be taking a relaxing mental vacation and rejuvenate your life from the inside out - what will that do tomorrow to YOUR Bottom Line?

P.P.S. I was told once by a great marketer:

"There are 3 kinds of people in the world:

  • Those who MAKE THINGS HAPPEN...

  • Those who WATCH Things Happen...

  • and Those who SAY "What Happened?"

If you don't Click on the button below, and instead choose to bypass this offer and let 200 other people secure their spot in front of you, what do YOU think will "Happen?"...